Four Channel Source Synchronisation System


The System is currently undergoing a complete firmware and PC software re-design, the product launch of new firmware and software is expected to take place in early February 2014.


The revised System firmware will be shipped to all existing customers towards the first week in February 2014 (a single interchangeable PCB per system) and the new revised Windows7/8 PC software is now downloadable from this web site.

New features will include…

The revision 4:00 firmware will be capable of storing and saving its own setup and being able to re-setup its self up on power up without the aid of PC software running.

A pre trigger period of blanking prior to the next inhibit period will be user select-able to ensure no fires are issued a set period before the occurrence of the next digital system record period.

Toggle Firing of a single channel fire outputs to allow for dual mini guns. (or any other sources)

Fixed firing within an inhibit period, a user select-able number of shots at a selected fire rate can be issued from each channel that is set to Inhibit, ( adheres to pre trigger blanking period and will not issue a trigger inside the pre trigger blanking period) Shots are issued from the instant of Inhibit end period. (or slightly earlier under precisely controlled timing conditions)

Serial DTR line triggering for RS232 hardware line external triggering of interface box.

Ability to set the expected trigger time prior to start of line so as to ensure the trigger inhibit timing is correct for vessels speed at the SOL triggers. (Achieved by pc software control) Once on line the box will auto adjust the triggering according to vessel speed as indicated by the period of external triggers.

Firmware Rev 4:00 will be fully field programmable and all further firmware upgrades for the system (and special one off program requests) can be supplied and programmed on board the vessel by use of a boot loader program supplied with the PC software. A small binary file can be emailed to users for rapid re-programming the box in the field.

The PC software version 4:00 to be released in Feb 2014 will be the last Microsoft Windows PC software developed as the application is to be soon ported over to the android platform.

(Expected Tablet software Release mid 2014)

Latest Handbook Ver 4:00 software Aug 2014—STRIG4_Version4_E