Software Downloads

SmarT-Trigger4 Downloads

(updated 12th Aug 2014)

Installing PC Software Ver4:00 — Instructions for installing SmarT-Trigger4

Replacing Interface box PCB’s — Instructions for replacing SmarT-Trigger4 PCB’s

Bootloader PC software (Zip) — tinybld198

Instructions for Re-programming in the field — In field re-programming SmarT-Trigger4

New Features in Ver4:00 Software/Firmware—SmarT-Trigger4 Version 4 New Features

New Operations Handbook Ver4:00 — STRIG4_Version4_E  August 2014

New Firmware rev 4:105— Master_258_VER3_C_4105 Updated 15/Sept/14

New Firmware rev 4:105 —Slave_258_C_4105 Updated 12/Aug/14

Latest PC software Ver 4:104  Trigger_Ver4104

Release notes PC Software Ver 4:104  Rev 1 26/07/14 Release Notes Ver 4104 Ver 1

Technical Note on clearing setting settings in Trigger system Rovtec Tech Note 260714

Technical Note on upgrading the PC software below ver 4:104  tech alert 210814